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A Book On Algebra For Teacher Educators, Graduate Students And Teachers Prof. Abraham Arcavi, Prof. Kaye Stacey, Prof. Paul Drijvers Mathematics
CONNECT Prof. Avi Hofstein Chemistry
Developing chemistry teacher knowledge for teaching contemporary topics in chemistry and nanotechnology Dr. Ron Blonder Chemistry
Evidence-Based Professional Development Program for middle school Science & Technology Dr. Zahava Scherz, Prof. Bat Sheva Eylon Science and Technology for Junior High School
Exploring biology teachers’ professional knowledge Prof. Anat Yarden Life Sciences
Gateway to Physics – Inquiry modules for 9th grade students Prof. Edit Yerushalmi, Dr. Elon Langbeheim Physics
ICMI Study on the Professional Education & Development of Teachers of Mathematics Prof. Deborah Loewenberg Ball, Prof. Ruhama Even Mathematics
IRRESISTIBLE Dr. Ron Blonder Chemistry
Lenses on the Improvement of Teaching Dr. Ronnie Karsenty, Tzila Yarhi, Prof. Abraham Arcavi Mathematics
MANOR – Educating educators to work with practicing secondary school mathematics teachers Prof Ruhama Even Mathematics
Motivation Studies – which practices distinguish between teachers who are perceived by their students as emphasizing high or low mastery oriented goals? Prof. David Fortus Interdisciplinary Science Education
PARSEL: Popularity and Relevance of Science of Science Education for Scientific Literacy Prof. Avi Hofstein and Dr. Rachel Mamlok-Naaman Chemistry
Professional Development of Physics Teachers in Professional Learning Communities Prof. Bat Sheva Eylon, Dr. Smadar LevyProf. Edit Yerushalmi Physics
Professional change of teachers Prof. Nir Orion Earth and Environmental Sciences
PROFILES: Professional Reflection Oriented Focus on Inquiry-based Learning and Education through Science Prof. Avi Hofstein and Dr. Rachel Mamlok-Naaman Chemistry
Research Physics Prof. Edit Yerushalmi Physics
Subject-matter Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics Prof Ruhama Even Mathematics
Teachers’ technological-pedagogical-content-knowledge (TPACK) Dr. Yael Shwartz Chemistry
Teaching sequences – Physics Dr. Esther Bagno, Esther Magen Physics
TEMI: Teaching Enquiry with Mysteries Incorporated Dr. Rachel Mamlok-Naaman, Prof. Avi Hofstein,Prof. David Fortus Chemistry
The Integrated Mathematics Wiki-book Project Prof Ruhama Even Mathematics
The National Center for Chemistry Teachers Dr. Rachel Mamlok-Naaman, Dr. Yael Shwartz, Dr. Ron Blonder Chemistry
The National Center of Physics Teachers Prof. Edit Yerushalmi Prof. Yaron Lehavi Physics
The National Teacher Center for Science & Technology in Junior High School Dr. Zahava Scherz, Prof. Bat Sheva Eylon Science and Technology for Junior High School
The Physics Education Component of the Rothschild-Weizmann M.Sc. program Prof. Bat Sheva Eylon, Prof. Edit Yerushalmi Physics
The Role Of A University Perspective On Mathematics In The Growth Of Mathematical Knowledge For Teaching In Elementary School Dr. Jason Cooper, Prof. Abraham Arcavi, Dr. Ronnie Karsenty Mathematics
The VIDEO-LM Project Prof. Abraham Arcavi, Dr. Ronnie Karsenty Mathematics
Vidactics Prof. Yaron Lehavi Physics