Evidence-Based Professional Development Program for middle school Science & Technology

Leading team

Project members

  • Liora Bialer
  • Ornit Spektor -Levy
  • Miri Oren


This project is a continuation of a bi-national evidence-based Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program, carried out over the course of three years (2004-2007) in collaboration with King’s College in the UK, and supported by the UK Gatsby Foundation. The program, developed as a CPD teachers’ program for LSS (Learning Skills in Science), is based on the teachers’ evidence of their best class practice. We researched the teachers’ progression and development process, employing a unique diagnostic method – developed specifically for this project – based on the teachers’ professional progression and profiles. The results provided grounds for the creation of several CPD models, which have since been implemented on a national scale into our various CPD programs for science teachers.

Links for further reading

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