The project Leading team Domains
Motivation for choosing Chemistry Dr. Yael Shwartz Chemistry
Motivation Studies Prof. David Fortus Interdisciplinary Science Education
Physics & Industry with Underachieving Students Prof. Bat-Sheva Eylon, Dr. Rami Arieli, Dr. Dorothy Langley Physics
Scientific Investigation Program for secondary school students Dr. Zahava Scherz, Prof. Bat Sheva Eylon Science and Technology for Junior High School
Students’ engagement with the learning process Prof. Nir Orion Earth and Environmental Sciences
Teachers’ self-efficacy for using ICT to promote their teaching (the example of YouTube and Facebook) Dr. Ron Blonder Chemistry
Teacher self-efficacy for teaching contemporary topics in chemistry Dr. Ron Blonder Chemistry
Program animation Prof. Mordechai Ben-Ari, Dr. Erkki Sutinen Computer Science