Scientific Investigation Program for secondary school students

Leading team

Project members

  • Miri Oren


The Investigation into Science and Technology (IST) program was designed to enhance the inquiry skills of secondary school students, and to introduce them to aspects of science and technology “in action”, as well as allowing them to observe scientists and technologists in their workplaces. During the program, teams of students visited  laboratories and factories to observe, interview, and partially participate in scientific research of their interest The information they gathered was  then processed, analyzed, and finally presented to other students.
The IST activities have been implemented by many secondary school classes in the Weizmann Institute laboratories and elsewhere, under the guidance of young researchers.
Research on students’ perception of science, scientists and the scientific workplace, indicates that students’ preconceptions about science were significantly altered: from superficial, stereotypic and vague images to more accurate, rational and open-minded ones.

Links for further reading

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  • Scherz Z. and Oren M., “Investigation into Science and Technology”, The Weizmann Institute of Science (Student book & Teacher guide), 121 pgs, The Weizmann Institute of Science, 2003 (in Hebrew).