The department of science teaching has been active in the field of mathematics education since 1967. In the years since then, the mathematics group has advanced mathematics education through development and implementation of curricula, teachers’ professional development, assessment and research. Much of our work is around the research and development of environments that can support significant and meaningful learning of mathematical topics that comprise the school curriculum.

The materials that we develop – to support learning, teaching and facilitation – include text books, worksheets, teacher guides, professional development portfolios, games and computerized tutorials. This material provides students, teachers and PD facilitators with tools, direction and support that are necessary for achieving the goals they are expected to achieve, and empowers them to express their individual abilities and strengths. Research that the mathematics groups conducts contributes locally to the development of curricula, and globally to the general advancement of the academic field of research in mathematics education.

The mathematics group’s work comprises:

Research on the learning of mathematics
Research and development surrounding the teaching of mathematics
Teachers’ professional development and ongoing support
Development of co-learning partnerships with mathematics teachers
Research and development surrounding appropriate assessment
Design-based research and research-based design
Connecting theory, research and practice
Development of complete curricula (for students and for teachers)
Interdisciplinary collaborations, bringing together researchers and teachers in the fields of mathematics, science and philosophy