A Book On Algebra For Teachers Dr. Alex Friedlander, Prof. Abraham Arcavi
A Book On Algebra For Teacher Educators, Graduate Students And Teachers Prof. Abraham Arcavi, Prof. Kaye Stacey, Prof. Paul Drijvers
A Database Of Mathematics Questions And Problems For Grade 9 Prof. Abraham Arcavi
ICMI Study on the Professional Education & Development of Teachers of Mathematics Prof. Deborah Loewenberg Ball, Prof. Ruhama Even
Learning mathematical logic Prof. Mordechai Ben-Ari
Lenses on the Improvement of Teaching Dr. Ronnie Karsenty, Tzila Yarhi, Prof. Abraham Arcavi
MANOR – Educating educators to work with practicing secondary school mathematics teachers Prof. Ruhama Even
Mathematics curriculum development and analysis Prof. Ruhama Even
Opportunities to learn mathematics offered by mathematics textbooks Prof. Ruhama Even
Reading Mathematical Texts Ms. Avital Elbaum-Cohen, Prof. Abraham Arcavi
Same Teacher – Different Classes Prof. Ruhama Even
Subject-matter Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics Prof. Ruhama Even
Teaching mathematics to low achievers in secondary schools in the spirit of the projects SHAY and SHLAV Dr. Ronnie Karsenty
Integrated Mathematics (Matematica Meshulevet) curriculum program Prof. Ruhama Even
Processes of reflection and enhancement of mathematical knowledge for teaching following peer discussions of videotaped mathematics lessons Prof. Abraham Arcavi, Dr. Ronnie Karsenty, Yael Nurick
The Integrated Mathematics Wiki-book Project Prof. Ruhama Even
The interplay of factors involved in shaping students’ opportunities to learn mathematics Prof. Ruhama Even
The professional education and development of mathematics teachers Prof. Ruhama Even
The relevance of advanced mathematics studies to expertise in secondary school mathematics teaching Prof. Ruhama Even
The Role Of A University Perspective On Mathematics In The Growth Of Mathematical Knowledge For Teaching In Elementary School Mr. Jason Cooper, Prof. Abraham Arcavi, Dr. Ronnie Karsenty
The VIDEO-LM Project Prof. Abraham Arcavi, Dr. Ronnie Karsenty