The Life Sciences group attempts to bridge between the dynamics of biological discoveries and high-school biology education, while adapting practices employed by scientists to the practices by which students and teachers accumulate and advance their knowledge within the discipline of biology. Towards this end the group is focusing on: i) further characterization of the concept developed by the group for learning biology through scientific research articles that are adapted to the knowledge level of high-school biology students (adapted-primary-literature, APL) and examining the influence of learning using such texts on students’ writing abilities; ii) examining the outcomes of learning genetics and biotechnology using authentic bioinformatics tools and databases; iii) making learning materials in molecular biology less abstract for high-school students using virtual and hands-on experiences; iv) integrating a system thinking approach into the learning of biological systems in general and the transport system in particular in junior-high school; v) characterizing the teaching and learning of authentic scientific practices in inquiry-oriented educational programs in biology; and on vi) characterizing the dynamics of in-service high school biology teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge during long-term professional development programs.