The National Center for Chemistry Teachers

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The National Center for Chemistry Teachers is designed to address the professional development of chemistry teachers, and ad hoc tasks at the request of the chemistry superintendent.
In order to achieve these goals, the center focuses on the following activities:

  • Development and maintenance of the Teachers’ Center website, including the Center’s Facebook page
  • Planning an annual conference
  • Developing learning materials
  • Publication of the journal “Al-Chimia” in an online edition
  • Professional development of teachers in various courses, e.g., assimilation of developments carried out at the center, experience in building rubrics for developed materials, or integration of art in the teaching of chemistry;
  • Promotion of the chemistry profession through motivational projects, e.g., continued promotion of escape room initiatives, construction of puzzles for integration in various teaching topics
  • Customized instruction to promote student understanding and to address difficulties that are raised during the teaching and learning process.

The activities of the National Center for Chemistry Teachers are based on a continues research on chemistry teachers PD that is conducted in the group for decades.


Shani Motsa

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