The VIDEO-LM Project

Leading team

Prof. Abraham Arcavi

Dr. Ronnie Karsenty

Ph.D. students

Yael Nurick

Gil Schwartz

R&D team

Ahuva Gutmann

Tzila Yarhi

Myriam Goor

Dr. Avital Elbaum Cohen


Yael Nurick


Yoni Amir

Ronit Lessner

Dr. Jason Cooper

Website manager:

Dana Adadi


Shani Okavi-Partush


VIDEO-LM project (Viewing, Investigating and Discussing Environments Of Learning Mathematics) focuses on creating a pool of videotaped mathematics lessons and developing a unique framework for analysis of these lessons with teachers. The goal of the project is to enhance teachers’ reflective skills and practices through their participation in careful observations and guided discussions around the many mathematical and pedagogical aspects of mathematics lessons. The project’s implementation is through face-to-face courses for teachers and also for teacher leaders who can then work with other teachers in various sites, so that a multiplicative effect may be achieved.

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