Teachers’ technological-pedagogical-content-knowledge (TPACK)

Leading team

Dr. Yael Shwartz

Postdocs and students

Rachel Eidelman, PhD student


TPACK refers to essential qualities of teacher knowledge required for successful integration of technology
into their pedagogy. Dr. Yael Shwartz’s research group design and implement programs to develop teachers’ TPACK along with other aspects of teachers’ knowledge. For example: collaborative writing of teachers on a wiki platform, integrating Proteoepdia (a wiki-based 3D web-encyclopedia of biomolecule structures in their instruction, and developing and enriching their content knowledge in distant-learning formats.

We believe that all aspects of professional development should be related to teacher practice in school and that teachers self-experience as learners should be in line with what we expect teachers to do with their students. Research is aimed at developing an understanding of how can the internet be used to support teaching and learning.

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