Evidence-Based Professional Development Program for middle school Science & Technology

Leading team

Dr. Zahava Scherz

Prof. Bat Sheva Eylon

Postdocs and students

Liora Bialer (PhD)

R&D team

Ornit Spektor -Levy (no longer in the project, Miri Oren


This project is a continuation of a 3-year Bi-National Evidence-based Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program that was conducted in collaboration with with King's College in the UK and was supported by the UK GATSBY Foundation (2004-2007). We developed through research, a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) teachers' program for Learning Skills in Science. The program is based on teachers' evidence of their best class practice. We followed by research the teachers development process and progression, for which we developed a unique diagnostic method for indicating teachers' professional progression and profiles. The results brought about several evidenced CPD models which are implemented in our various CPD programs for science teachers and leading science teachers in a national scale.

Related articles

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