The program emphasizes problem solving, thinking, and reasoning for all students; and connections among mathematical concepts, topics and domains. The curriculum development team comprises experienced mathematics curriculum developers and mathematics teachers. Edriss Titi from the Faculty of Mathematics serves as our scientific advisor. The textbooks are developed in regular/extended and limited scope versions ((blue and green strands respectively). They are written in Hebrew and are translated to Arabic, as well as converted to a version suitable for ultra-orthodox Jews. A teacher guide and other resources accompany the textbooks. Findings from my studies on the interactions among teachers, curriculum and classrooms (described below) and on teacher knowledge and practice contribute to the development of the curriculum materials and the teacher guides. The experimental editions of all the textbooks and the final edition of the regular/extended scope version of the 7th grade textbook are completed. We are now in the midst of developing the final edition of the rest. Integrated Mathematics (Matematica Meshulevet) curriculum program is used in more than 250 schools throughout Israel, and we provide counseling and continuous support to hundreds of teachers all over the country via yearlong and summer courses for teachers and an interactive website

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