The Agam Program: Visual Education for young children

Leading team

Prof. Bat Sheva Eylon

Dr. Rina Hershkowitz

Ms. Lea ilani

Prof. Zvia Markovits

Dr. Sherman Rosenfeld


The central goal of the Agam Program is to help young children develop their visual thinking, as a means to improve their over-all cognitive and emotional development. The program Inspired, initiated and written by the artist, Yaacov Agam, and has been refined, developed, implemented and tested by the staff of the Agam Project. Implementation of the program in Israel has been in cooperation with the Israeli Ministry of Education. Recent educational research underscores the importance of this goal.
The Agam Program includes 36 units that progressively and logically integrate specific concepts, which can be viewed as elements in a visual alphabet, with specific skills. This visual alphabet is the basis to more advanced units which deals in concepts like symmetry, the four dimensions and proportionality.
More about the project is written in the Agam Project Site.

Link to project website

Related Publications

Eylon, B. S., Hershkowitz, R., Ilani, L., Markovits, M., Rosenfeld, S. (Eds, 2014). Educating the eye: The agam program. A research report. Department of Science Teaching, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel.