MSc (with thesis) in Science Teaching

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements include a strong disciplinary background and preferably experience in mathematics or science education, although this can be obtained during the graduate studies


Full-time studies for 24 months i.e. two academic years (four semesters).

About the program
The program is adapted to the background of the students and offers disciplinary courses, mathematics and science education courses, and general courses in education and educational research such as: research methods, curriculum development, and cognition. Graduate students play a central role in the department’s research and development activities. They have opportunities to experience a rich array of areas in mathematics and science education that equip them for a variety of career choices after completing their graduate studies. Many of the academic positions in science and mathematics education in Israeli universities and the colleges are held by graduates of this program. The other graduates hold a variety of leadership posts (from school headmasters to national science or math supervisors in the Ministry of Education). Many of the theses have had an influence on Israeli curricula and teacher development programs and, as a result, have had an impact on science education in Israel. They have also contributed to the international mathematics and science education community, in the form of presentations and invited lectures in conferences, as well as papers in highly regarded journals.

Tuition fees

Students admitted to the program are exempted from tuition fees.

Monthly fellowship

Students admitted to the program are entitled to a modest monthly fellowship.

Further details

Further details concerning admission are available at the following webpage at the Feinberg Graduate School website.

Further details concerning academic requirements in the program are available at the following webpage at the Feinberg Graduate School website.