Chemistry Teachers Creating Photonarratives: Factors that Promote and Inhibit Teaching Gifted Students in a Regular Class

Leading team

Dr. Ron Blonder

Postdocs and students

Naama Benny


Gifted students should continually use their high abilities in order to keep developing their academic skills. They should establish their basic cognitive ability in order to use it in future challenges (Burney, 2008). Gifted students should have access to learning opportunities that are faster paced and more complex than what is usually available in a regular classroom with students having mixed abilities and this is not trivial to establish. However, if during their school years gifted students are not provided with a suitable education, they may lack the experience needed to utilize their high abilities. The current study aimed at understanding the factors that promote chemistry teachers in teaching a gifted student in their regular chemistry class, and those factors that hinder them. In addition, it provides evidence on ways teachers perceive the process and the usefulness of creating photonarratives about teaching a gifted student in their class.

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