Issues in learning the language of Live Sequence Charts (LSC) and scenario-based programming

Leading team

Prof. David Harel

Prof. Michal Armoni

Postdocs and students

Giora Alexandron


This study looks at the new paradigm of scenario-based programming – expressed in the language of LSC: How can this paradigm be used to introduce some CS fundamental ideas? How does previous experience with another paradigm (such as object-oriented programming or procedural programming) affect the transition to the new paradigm? How does the use of this paradigm affect problem solving strategies? Current results characterize the effects of students’ previous programming experience on their views towards LSC and their design practice in LSC. Our findings also show that LSC and the scenario-based paradigm enable students to take a more user-oriented perspective rather than an implementation-oriented perspective, and foster the perception of abstraction and non-determinism.

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