The outdoor learning environment

Leading team

Prof. Nir Orion

Project members

  • Tamar Basis-Katzman
  • Ron Ben Shalom
  • Orit Ben-Zvi-Assraf
  • Lena Eyov
  • Osher Fishzang
  • Yossi Gudovich
  • Ronit Laub
  • Yula Midian


The outdoor setting is an important, yet neglected learning environment in education, and research about the outdoor learning environment is still limited and unfocused. This is a problem that calls for an exploration of the work being done world-wide. The outdoor learning environment is being defined broadly, and may include: natural areas, local and national parks, museums, zoos, urban environments, shopping centers, industrial sites, and more. The model that the Earth Science Group developed for integrating the outdoors as a legitimate component of a curriculum has been adopted all over the world.

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