The outdoor learning environment

Leading team

Prof. Nir Orion

Project members

  • Tamar Basis-Katzman
  • Ron Ben Shalom
  • Orit Ben-Zvi-Assraf
  • Lena Eyov
  • Osher Fishzang
  • Yossi Gudovich
  • Ronit Laub
  • Yula Midian


The outdoor setting is an important, yet often neglected, learning environment, and research regarding it is still limited and unfocused. This problem calls for an exploration of the work being done on the topic worldwide. The outdoor learning environment is defined broadly, and may include a variety of settings: natural areas, local and national parks, museums, zoos, urban environments, shopping centers, industrial sites, and more. The model developed by the Earth Science Group for integrating the outdoor setting as a legitimate component of a curriculum has been adopted all over the world.

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