Matriculation exams analysis – MUTAV

Leading team

Dr. Yael Shwartz

R&D team


Dadi Marom

Neta Avraham Green

Rachel Eidelman

Tahreer sharbeni

Mervat Shahin


Dr. Yamit Sharaabi Naor

Dr. Ruth Ben Zvi

Emil Eidin


Assessment of students’ scientific literacy is a complex task. The matriculation examination can serve as a useful and reliable tool to assess students’ misconceptions, problems in knowledge organization and problems in application of thinking skills in various levels of performance. MUTAV is a science-for-all multidisciplinary school subject that requires the understanding of concepts from a few scientific disciplines. In the last decades, the number of MUTAV students increases over time, and so is the importance of studying the typical problems in the matriculation examination. The assessment of scientific literacy as reflected in the matriculation examinations is conducted yearly since 2010 by led by Dr. Yael Shwartz.