Developing scientific literacy through reading and writing of scientific texts

Leading team

Prof. Anat Yarden

Postdocs and students

Galia Zer-Kavod, PhD Student

Moriah Ariely, PhD Student


The Life Sciences Group previously developed a concept for learning biology through scientific research articles that are adapted to the knowledge level of high-school biology students, which was termed adapted primary literature (APL). Group members were able to show that the use of APL for learning biology promotes high-school students’ scientific literacy better than the more commonly used texts. APL has now been incorporated into teaching and research programs in Israel as well as in other countries. Members of the group currently explore the hypothesis that APL can be used as a model for adequate scientific writing, and examine its use as a means for overcoming students’ identified difficulties in writing their inquiry project report. Members of the group also attempt to adapt primary scientific articles to the knowledge level of junior-high-school students and explore the possible outcomes of learning through those APL articles in junior high school.

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