PeTeL – Personalized Teaching and Learning

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The PeTeL program for middle school Science and Technology has been operating since 2021. The PeTeL environment enables the diagnosis of student knowledge, and facilitates the differential assignment of tasks to either small groups or individuals. Each teacher’s personal environment enables streamlined management of the classroom, and provides the teacher with real-time updates regarding their students’ comprehension and performance in tasks, thus supporting the teacher in achieving a more personalizing teaching experience.

The teachers may also share activities with colleagues, as well as employing or adapting other activities and tasks easily and quickly. The environment is available free of charge, connecting Science and Technology teachers all over the country in one collaborative content environment.

The materials provided in PeTeL are based on a number of resources materials developed as part of MATMON HADASH project, in teachers’ communities, and in the teachers’ national center; in addition to current, dedicated materials developed by the PeTeL team itself.


Dagan-Dadush Adi