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Professional communities of middle school Science and Technology teachers have been active since 2016. There are currently 20 regional communities operating across the country, including two communities in the Bedouin sector and a community in the Druze sector. In addition, there are three national communities: the settlement sector community, and two communities comprised of regional community leaders.

The goals of the teacher communities are:

  1. To provide a stable and supportive environment for community teachers which will serve as a safe space for reflective discourse, and develop norms for sharing difficulties and successes, while facilitating a dialogue regarding innovation and creativity in teaching.
  2. To improve science and technology teaching by researching classroom practices, identifying and characterizing difficulties, and providing tailored solutions to address these difficulties.
  3. To improve teaching-learning-evaluation processes by employing a comprehensive view of science and technology, disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches, and examining theoretical and practical experiences, skill acquisition, emotional-affective aspects, hybrid teaching, and addressing the diversity of learners.
  4. To strengthen the bonds between the teachers in the community.


Dagan-Dadush Adi 

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