A special symposium honoring Prof. Ruhama Even


14:00-14:45 Registrationand Coffee
14:45-15:00 Greetings
Professor Israel Bar-Joseph, Vice-President for Resource Development and Dean for Educational Activities, WIS
Professor Anat Yarden, Head of the Science Teaching Department, WIS
15:00-17:50 Lectures by guest speakers
15:00-15:45 Professor Deborah Loewenberg Ball, University of Michigan
The (im)possibilities of teaching mathematics
15:45-16:30 Professor Frederick Leung, University of Hong Kong
Jewish culture, Chinese culture, and mathematicseducation
16:30-16:45 Discussion: questions and comments addressed to Prof. Ball and Prof. Leung
16:45-17:00 Short break
17:00-17:50 Professor Anna Sfard, University of Haifa
Stories of functions and functions of stories:
Thirty years of development in research on learning andteaching mathematics
17:50-18:20 Presentation by former doctoral students of Ruhama
18:30 Festive dinner and informal program

The symposium is supported by the Chorafas Institute for Scientific Exchange