High school curriculum development for the Earth science curriculum

  1. Preparing texts for a basic course "Introduction to Earth Science".
  2. Development of experiments for laboratory activities.
  3. Development of research projects for students named "Geotop".
  4. Development of a microcomputer simulation named Geo3D for learning geological structures and for the development of spatial visualization.
  5. Development of a module in environmental geology emphasizing the relationships between Earthquakes and society.
  6. Development of a module named the Carbon Cycle which integrates the Earth Systems including man.
  7. Development of a module "Evolution in the perspective of the geological time" which integrates the geology with biology and chemistry.
  8. Development of educational field trips.
  9. Development of strategies for using multimedia presentations as an educational tool.

Junior-high school Curriculum Development

Supporting the Junior-high group in curriculum development and in-service training

Kindergarten Curriculum Development

Let's rock – a curriculum for the kindergarten

In-service courses in earth-sciences

Integrating issues in the "earth sciences" in the junior-high school curriculum.

Research Evaluation and Planning

Formative and summative evaluation of new courses, learning environments and learning strategies.