Plastic: Reduce the use!

ערימת פסולת פלסטיקAbstract: This module is designed in purpose to expose the students to the convenient use of plastic products on the one hand, and to the environmental impact caused by over-using those products on the other one. We, the developers of this module, wish that this module will develop the sense of responsibility of chemistry students to the environment, by increasing their awareness to the environmental impact of imperishable polymers and by exposing them to other possibilities such as recycling and alternative exhaustible materials. They might be our ambassadors in their houses.

Developed by: Sandra Azuelos-Kats, Afrah Assi, Pavel Kuzmin

Grade level: 10th to 11th grade

Student activities:

  1. Introduction: Pictures interpretation.
  2. Watching a Power point presentation about polymers.
  3. Reading texts and answering questions.
    • Carrying out experiments:
    • Production of nylon.
  4. Testing the solubility of P.V.A. and P.E. in water.
  5. Thinking tools for making a decision.
  6. Presentations: Each group should present its text, attitudes and explanations.

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Can used oil be the next generation fuel?

מכונת דלק בשדה חמניותAbstract: Energy crisis is here. With the increase in world population the demand for fuel and energy sources is increasing too. Most of the energy sources are derived from petroleum. These sources pollute the environment. One of the alternative energy sources is biodiesel, and it derives from plants or from used oil plants. Through the module we can expose the students to existing energy sources and the alternative biodiesel.

Developed by: Lira Ezra, Bela Shkolnik, Jawad Agbaryia

Grade level: 9th to 10th grade

Student activities:

  1. World energy crisis-scenario.
  2. Comparison of fuels – network inquiry.
  3. Experiment design – inquiry.
  4. One picture is worth 1000 words – conflict regarding the use of food for nutrition or as fuel.
  5. Critical reading of a scientific article
  6. An experiment aimed at comparing the efficiency of fuels.

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Download – for students
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