Learning Skills for Science (LSS)

Leading team

Dr. Zahava Scherz

Prof. Bat Sheva Eylon

Postdocs and students

Ornit Spektor-Levy (PhD, no longer in the project)

Dr. Liora Bialer (PhD, no longer in the project)

Tali Shapiro (PhD student)

R&D team

Sally Johnson (UK)

Jean Scarce (UK)

Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy


Based on research findings which indicated a lack of scientific academic competencies among secondary school students and graduates, the LSS program was first developed in 1990s in Hebrew and extended in 2005-2012 in English as a collaborative project with UK (Gatsby-Science Enhancement Program and Nuffield Curriculum Centre). The LSS program provides a model and instructional materials for integrating high-order learning skills with science contents and includes teacher guie' student booklet and website with resources. Research findings indicated that a planned, explicit LSS instruction combined with 'assessment for learning' via performance tasks attains better achievements in science assignments than traditional science instruction. Impact: The LSS materials were adapted and disseminated in the UK in more than 3000 secondary schools since 2006. The LSS program is now adapted also in Singapore and Brazil, and has gained international interest in several other countries (Latvia, Canada, and the USA).

Related articles

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Related materials (in English and in Hebrew)

  • Scherz Z. and Spektor-Levy O. "Learning Skills for Science (for grades 14-16) ":
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    (b) Teacher Guide
    (c) Tutors' Manual
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